About Bathekgi Membership

Bathekgi Ba Khanya College (which means ‘Khanya Supporters’) is a programme of Khanya College. ‘Khanya Supporters’ become Bathekgi members by contributing a nominal subscription (of at least R50 a month). These subscriptions are used to make important interventions to educate and mobilise communities for change. Through this programme and the subscriptions raised, Khanya will focus on creating cultural and educational facilities that build a critical and vibrant reading and writing culture.

Bathekgi Ba Khanya College is aimed at combining resource mobilisation for the various programmes of Khanya College, with expanding the access of Khanya’s various constituencies to affordable books, music and other cultural programmes and products.  In return, subscribers to this programme will be entitled to a range of discounts on products sold through the online store, as well as to other benefits.

By contributing a nominal subscription, individuals and organisations will get access to:

      • Discounts on new books and CDs from various publishers and musicians;
      • Discounts on books published by Khanya and its various projects;
      • Discounts to theatre productions, including those taking place at (selected) established theatres;
      • Invitation to Jozi Book Fair and other special events including premieres of movies and theatre productions, premiere launches of jazz and other music CDs;
      • Subscription to all Khanya newsletters, and other newspaper publications on a regular basis;
      • A bi-annual report to members of the Bathekgi Programme on activities undertaken by the JBF Programme; and
      • A copy of Khanya College’s Annual Report & Audited Financial Statements.

In this way we hope to achieve our twin objectives of making these products available at affordable prices, and to support programmes that produce the next generation of writers, artists and social movement activists. We also appeal to the intelligentsia to “give freely” and contribute more than this minimum of R50 per month. This will make it possible to cross-subsidise a planned subscription programme where low-earning activists and students can be brought into this programme at rates below the basic R50 per month.

To ensure full transparency and accountability with our members, we will also provide all our members with the Bathekgi Programme Bi-Annual Report, as well as copy of Khanya College’s Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements. Members’ contributions and other donations are tax deductible, and Khanya will give a special receipt stating the donation amount where this is requested.

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