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In 2005, Khanya College came to the conclusion that the process of social movement building goes beyond targeted education and training for individual activist. Of equal importance is the need for a range of other facilities that enhance activist development, and without which the work of education and training by institutions like Khanya remains limited and incomplete. These facilities include, among others, research and “self-education” facilities for activists, like resources centres, internet access facilities; bookshops that make publications available at subsidised rates; and facilities for printing and publications to provide avenues for individuals and organisations to publish. Such facilities also include the availability of spaces where activists can meet, formally and informally, to exchange experiences and consolidate their views on the various challenges facing the movements.

Bohlale Ba Basebetsi (BBB) was formed to provide these facilities and resources for movement building. With this objective in mind, the House of Movements (HoM) in Johannesburg, was purchased in 2005 and Khanya and other social justice organisations began moving in in 2006.

The location of the HoM was specifically chosen for its close proximity to the major transportation hubs for working class people travelling from anywhere in the province of Gauteng.

BBB venue hire services include a range of different spaces and venues located at the House of Movements (situated at 123 Pritchard Street in Johannesburg), that are available for hire at affordable rates. These venue hire services include:

Meeting & Workshop Facilities

Zoom & Physical Conferencing Facilities

Rehearsal Rooms

Public Canteen Space

The policies of House of Movements’ facilities are/include:

Wheelchair friendly

Unisex & gender separate toilets

Secure parking provided

Khanya’s COVID-19 policy requires all occupants of the building to wear masks, sanitise as often as possible, and adhere to physical distancing as much as possible;

All HoM occupants are required to sign in at Reception for security reasons

BBB is continuously exploring systems, processes and methodologies that promote sustainability on an environmental and economic level, and also that engender the principles of social justice

BBB reserves the right of admission into the HoM premises

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